Making sure an elderly loved one is safe and secure takes effort. Peace of mind throughout the process comes from finding the right precautions, and the right company to install and maintain them. This kind of security demands that you procure services and products from people and companies you can trust. Next Monitoring Inc. understands this concern and we have placed ourselves in a position to offer you and your loved ones not only the right services, but the peace of mind that comes with them.

Why you should trust Next Monitoring Medical Alerts?

1. 24/7 safety: Next Monitoring Inc. offers monitoring services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our emergency dispatchers are highly trained and always ready to help with any type of emergency. Findings in radar placement research published by Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments, found that the sensors used to detect a fall are almost always accurate, even though there may be a false alarm occasionally. Having trusted dispatchers on call around the clock ensures that each and every fall event is given the attention it needs to determine the actual existence and/or severity of a fall. We never ignore an alert as a “false alarm.” The attention given to ensure the accuracy of our equipment is also part of the consistent dedication to all day, every day senior safety monitoring.

2.   Decades of experience: Next Monitoring Inc. is owned and operated by Raymond D.Melanson, a trained professional Master Electrician with over 27 years of experience. Our family-owned and operated company has over 50 years of combined experience in home alert services for the elderly in New England. Having participated in the advancements in home monitoring over the years, our awareness of how changes in the landscape of the industry will affect you and your loved ones is paramount to our mission. We understand technology and how it is changing the way we keep people safe, in their home or even on the go.

3. Going the extra mile: A call to Next Monitoring starts with a questionnaire created to help you find the right medical alert system if one is recommended. In addition to installation of the system, our service includes checking and testing carbon monoxide detectors, as well as your electric system. Next Monitoring is not just about a product and a service. We’ve been known to change light bulbs, fix doorbells or to sweep up piles of hazardous leaves off the stairs, simply because it needed to be done. We know that as a client, your trust and your safety is in our hands. What better service can a client ask for?

Together, We Can Make a Difference

Our involvement with the Senior Resource Association (SRA), Professional Helping Seniors (PHS), Southeastern Alliance For Elders (SAFE) along with our association with the Alzheimers Partnership allows us to share resouces and knowledge to assist elders in our community.

4. Staying active in the industry: Next Monitoring is involved with the Senior Resource Association (SRA), Professional Helping Seniors (PHS), Southeastern Alliance For Elders (SAFE) as well as the Alzheimer’s Partnership. This allows us to share resources and knowledge to assist elders. Not only that, but we are investing our time back into the community, building trust among your neighbors and friends—whether they’re clients or not.

Are you uncertain if in home medical alert monitoring is the next step for you or a loved one? We can help you determine if a system makes sense. If so, we will then make sure the best and most affordable option is installed by our professional team. Start building the trust you need to feel confident about today’s medical alert options, by understanding your choices.

When you’re ready to take your questions to the professionals, give us a call at 1-800-924-0975 or 508-379-6315, or click here to get started with an online quote now.