In this video, Raymond Melanson, President of Next Monitoring Medical Alerts, explains the new features included when you  purchase a mobile GPS rescue alert device.

Next Monitoring is located and in Massachusetts and also services the Rhode Island and Connecticut area for in home installations of Medical Alert Systems. However, mobile GPS devices for sale online, that can be shipped by mail order to your home or office.

Mobile GPS Device Advantages:

  • Can be used anywhere in the USA.
  • Pinpoint GPS location at the push of button.
  • 1 button, 2 way voice capability.
  • Signal strength & battery life indicator for additonal security.
  • Fall detection with free fall analysis.
  • Proactive wellness – Wireless connectivity to a blood pressure monitor, pulse sensor and other equipment.
  • Simple to use and operate.

Typical Users of Mobile GPS Devices:

Athletes – Hikers – Bikers – Motorcyclists – Boaters – Tourists – Students – Campers – Teachers – Day Care

Next Monitoring will spend all the time needed on the phone to answer all your questions to help you find the system for your needs. We will program it in advance and have  it shipped to your home or office. Once received, we will then provide all the support you need to get your system setup and running. All systems arrive “plug & play” ready. Click here to start your online order now.