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In order to serve your needs as our customer, both presently and in the future, we have asked and obtained from you certain personal and/or financial information. We wish to make you aware of how we will utilize such personal and/or financial information you have made available to us. To that end, we have developed the following Privacy Policy which constitute our rules as to the use and guarding of your information. This Privacy Policy will continue to apply to you notwithstanding that you have ceased to become our customer.

Personal information we have obtained, or may later obtain, from you typically includes the information you have provided on applications, data sheets, forms, your written or oral communications to us, or by other means. It also typically includes information about your dealings with us, the billing or monitoring companies we utilize, or others, and/or potentially information we may receive from consumer reporting agencies or financial institutions.

The personal information referred to above, or any other information obtained from or about you, is intended for our own business purpose and not for the benefit of any other party not associated with the services we are providing to you. To that end, we will not release your information to non-associated parties except as is necessary to provide you with the services for which you have contracted with us, any associated services necessitated thereby, or as otherwise may be required or permitted by law. The information obtained may be used for internal business purposes, and may be provided to the billing and monitoring companies we utilize, now or in the future. Additionally, your information may be provided to companies that presently, or in the future, may perform marketing services on our behalf, or on behalf of any companies with which we are currently, or may in the future be, affiliated.

Next Monitoring will use its best efforts to guard that no unauthorized persons or entities obtain access to any of your information. It is our intention and desire to restrict access to your nonpublic personal information to those parties that must have that information to provide you with the products and services you seek. We will use all means readily available to us to use, deal with and store your information in a professional and responsible manner, and in accordance with the policy noted above.

Be advised that the Privacy Policy governs our use of the information we have obtained from you. It does not dictate the manner of handling or use of information about you that may have been, obtained from public record, or from any other source. However, it is our policy to attempt to guard your information as much as possible, no matter the source.