Mobile Personal Emergency Response

Manage your safety and security virtually anywhere

Our On The Go alert gives today’s active seniors, special needs individuals and their families freedom, safety and security at home or away.

Designed for instant hands-free communication, automatic fall detection, location services and a remotely managed response, the On The Go GPS unit enhances your sense of freedom and independence.

Freedom, safety and security in one mobile solution

  • Mobile: Enables monitoring both in and outside the home
  • Connected: With one click, connect to your monitoring center who knows you, your situation and who to call
  • Automatic: Designed to alert your monitoring center that you’ve fallen, even when you can’t
  • Enabled: Location services to help find you if you cannot respond with your location
  • ON THE GO GPS System works via cellular tower nationwide network
  • No landline required
  • Works anywhere in the USA
  • Comes with necklace or belt clip
  • Portable device features 2 way voice communication
  • Portable device can detect a fall even if button is not pressed, activating an immediate emergency response to the exact location
  • Device is available with or without Fall Detection service



$41.95 per Month

$125.85 Quarterly

$443.40 Annual ($60 discount)

w/Fall Detection


$51.95 per Month*

$155.85 Quarterly

$563.40 Annual ($60 discount)

*Standard Plan rate of $41.95 plus $10.00 Fall Detection Upgrade = $51.95 per month total

GPS System Accessories

Translation Services: $4.95 per month

Add Ons (One Time Fee)

Lockbox: $55.00

About Our Systems:

  • No charge for equipment
  • A $35 installation fee will apply to areas beyond Southeastern MA or Southeast RI. (Service area is limited to Eastern MA, RI and Eastern CT currently). If you live in any other state we can ship the unit to you, pre-programmed and ready to use. All set up instructions are provided and we can also walk you through setup over the phone, if needed.
  • No installation charge for mail order or online sales.
  • Cancellation terms: Any subscription is cancellable with 30 days notice. Equipment must be returned if cancelled.