GPS Navigation map on on media technology devices

Mobile App

Most of our GPS products now work with a Mobile App, allowing you to see the whereabouts of your loved one(s) at all times. This technology offers around the clock peace of mind, as information is always accessible via a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

One Button Locator

While GPS technology has become an essential part of safety for the Elderly, one button locater or GPS messenger devices are becoming popular with hikers, athletes or anyone who travels far from accessible medical or police assistance area’s.


Wearable GPS Technology

We carry several types of Mobile GPS Alert devices including bracelets, panic buttons as well as the new GPS enabled insoles product(s).

GPS wearable insoles represent a breakthrough in the personal safety industry, as the user no longer has to remember to carry or wear a separate device. Just place them in the shoe(s) of anyone suffering from Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Autism or Brain Injury. You can now guarantee their safety, should they become disoriented and get lost, when or if there is a lapse in supervision