Explorers and adventurers are never truly alone on a hike or a bike ride with a Next Monitoring GPS rescue alert device.

Do you enjoy biking, hiking, or boating? Do you consider yourself an avid lover of the outdoors, or an extreme sports enthusiast? Anyone who enjoys exercising will tell you that staying active outdoors is a lifestyle. Whether you enjoy hiking into the mountains on the weekend, or biking for exercise several miles during the week is more of a routine than an effort.

A study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America showed that spending time in nature can not only benefit our mental health, but also decrease the risk of depression. It’s no wonder so many engage in these activities.

If you’re one of these people, you’re aware of the importance of the buddy system. However, no one wants to interrupt their routine due to lack of company, so there may be times when you end up doing these activities alone. Do you have a plan in place for the unexpected on your solitary adventure?

Help is always just one call away

Next Monitoring wants to put the control back into your hands by making sure that you’re never truly alone when exploring the outdoors.

We take pride in offering bikers, hikers, boaters and elders, (or anyone concerned with health and mobility), a chance to to live life with no worries, while knowing help is only 1 call away. We recognize how important a lifeline can be for anyone, which is why we strive to give people of all ages and interests the autonomy to live their best life, too.

Even if you’re not adventuring alone, you should never have to worry about the worst. Our GPS rescue alert devices allow you to travel anywhere you want in the United States and remain only a call away from help.

The Benefits of GPS Rescue Alert

Our GPS rescue devices come free with the purchase of a monthly maintenance package. The system automatically connects you to a call center that knows you, your situation, and who to call in case of an emergency. Equipped with satellite tracking technology, our devices ensure you’ll be on the radar, whether you’re digging deep into caverns, or taking a walk into the desert. Even if you don’t know exactly where you are, we will.

Feel secure with hands-free two-way communication and emergency services. Next Monitoring On The Go GPS rescue or medical alert systems are the most convenient way possible to call for help.

Next Monitoring’s GPS systems

Our devices come in multiple forms. Hikers and joggers will probably gravitate toward our easy-to-attach bracelets and anklets, but we also offer pendants for those who don’t like to, or simply cannot carry anything while on the go.

If taking a stumble is a concern, our fall detection devices will recognize if you’ve taken a spill and automatically alert emergency services of the fall without needing to push a button.

Click here to learn more about the devices and our services, to discover which one is best for your lifestyle and activity level.

About Our Systems

For the better part of a decade, Next Monitoring has provided rescue and medical alert system services to the Massachusetts and Rhode Island areas. Should you find yourself in the Bristol County, East Bay, or Newport area, we’ll install most products free of charge.

There’s also no initial charge for online or mail sales. With a 30 days cancellation period for any subscription, you’ll have more than enough time to decide how you feel about our products.

Raymond Melanson, owner and Master Electrician has more than two decades of electrical and alarming experience, so there’s no doubt you’ll be in good hands with Next Monitoring. Don’t just take our word for it; check out some of our testimonials from real customers who will attest to our professionalism, service and most important, our true caring.

Order your new GPS, alert at: www.nextmonitoring.com or give us a call now at 1-800-379-6315.