Help 24/7 when you need it most – for ANY type of emergency
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GPS on the Go –
Works Nationwide

Fall Detection –
Inside or Outside

GPS Insoles –
Location Tracking

Wireless – No
Landline Required

Wireless – Cellular in Home Alert

  • 24/7 monitored emergency alert systems.
  • FREE equipment and local installation may apply.
  • Many affordable options to fit your needs.
  • Pre-pay for 1 year, get $60 off.
  • Contact family members by phone, text or email.
  • Try our NEW emergency alert devices and technology!
  • GREAT for elders, hikers, bikers, boaters & college students.
  • Cellular base unit eliminates landline.

Home Alert – Fall Detection


  • Full house coverage
  • Seasoned professional master electrician supervises all installations
  • Trained staff of emergency dispatchers standing by 24x7x365
  • Fall Detection
  • Systems priced to fit your budget
  • Manual Activation: from your personal transmitter or the emergency button.
  • Automatic Activation: detection of no household activity or detection of a fire.
  • Console receives emergency alarm signal and automatically places call to the monitoring center.
  • Notification of responders pre-selected by you.

On the Go GPS Alert

  • Bracelets – Pendants – Anklets – Insoles
  • Mobile GPS Medical Alarm Device with wireless cellular technology.
  • GPS satellite tracking technology
  • GREAT for Elders, Hikers, Boaters & College Students
  • GPS Shoe Insoles
  • Buy your GPS Rescue Alert Device or home medical alert system from a local family owned company.

Wearable GPS Tracking Insoles

  • GPS SmartSole® is a smartphone hidden and sealed in an insole.
  • Same GPS and cellular technology as your smartphone.
  • SmartSole® is discreet, and you won’t forget to bring them.
  • No ON/OFF switch, always on, always with you.​
  • GPS SmartSole® automatically checks in with you every 10 minutes.​
  • Comfortable, ergonomic insoles fit most shoes, sizes 6-14 men’s & women’s.​
  • Water resistant, anti-friction.

Call 1-800-924-0975 or 508-379-6315

Delivered, Installed or Shipped To Your Door

Next Monitoring Alert Systems, a trusted, family owned company has been helping elders and their families feel safe, secure and protected since 2008.

About Our Systems:

No charge for equipment. No charge for installations in the Bristol County MA, East Bay or Newport County RI area. A $35 installation fee will apply to areas beyond. (Service area is limited to Eastern MA, RI and Eastern CT currently). If you live in any other state we can ship the unit to you, pre-programmed and ready to use. All set up instructions are provided and we can also walk you through setup over the phone, if needed. No installation charge for mail order or online sales.

Donna and Ray D. Melanson (Licensed Master Electrician)